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Introduction (PDF)

Software Installation (PDF)

User Documentation (LINK)

Tutorial 1: Getting Started (PDF) (DYN)

Tutorial 2: Creating a Multi-Storey Building (PDF) (DYN)

Tutorial 3: Topological Queries (PDF) (DYN)

Tutorial 4: Analysing Energy Performance (PDF) (DYN A) , (DYN B), (ZIP)

Other Sample Definition Files

Stanford Bunny. This definition illustrates how to convert a mesh into a Topologic entity. FOr this definition, you need the MeshToolkit definition and an OBJ file. (OBJ) (DYN)

Optimising Location of Atrium. This definition illustrates how to use Dual Graph and topology to opitmise the number of connected Cells and the remnant exterior wall area of an atrium Cell that is imposed on a CellComplex. This definition is meant to be used with Autodesk's Project Refinery or other optimisation engines. (DYN)

Voroni 3D. This definition illustrates how to slice a Cuboid into a set of Voronoi Cells based on a list of points (DYN)

Shortest Paths. This definition illustrates how to use the Graph class to find shortest paths in a CellComplex (DYN)

Video Recordings

Webinar: Introduction to Topologic - 25 February 2019 (LINK)

Documentation for Developers

Software Development Kit Documentation (Link).

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