Introduction to Topologic Webinar

The first “Introduction to Topologic” webinar has been scheduled for Monday 25 February at 16:00 GMT. Please register below.

TopologicEnergy Tutorial Files Added

Apologies for the omission! I forgot to add the weather files and the minimal template needed for the TopologicEnergy tutorial. I just added them (as a ZIP file) next to the fourth tutorial. Please find them at

I just received this from Robert Woodbury! “Non-manifold representations present a general solution to problems presented by designs with internal structure, that is, all buildings. They can provide new, needed and elegant foundations on which to build more understandable and reliable CAD and BIM systems. Invented, starting in the 1980’s, non-manifold representations have not yet […]

Topologic v 0.8.0 Released!

Topologic v 0.8.0 has been released! Check out