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Please consider supporting the development of Topologic by donating a small amount on a regular basis.

The core of the Topologic C++ software library now exists as a multi-platform python module. You can run Topologic as a python module on Linux, Windows and MacOS and within Blender and FreeCAD on all these platforms. Blender has an add-on called sverchok that provides a visual node-based computing very similar to Dynamo and Grasshopper. All Topologic nodes have been ported to run within sverchok on all three OS platforms within Blender. If you download certain additional python modules, Topologic for Sverchok automatically activates additional nodes to take advantage of these modules. Examples include, IFC inter-operability, Energy Analysis, and Blockchain integration.

NOTE: If the downloaded ZIP file fails to unzip or gives an error, please first make sure it downloaded fully (or re-download it). If you are confident that it downloaded fully, then try to unzip it using 7-ZIP (// If you are using a work-issued laptop, it may be locked down and if so, please contact your IT support for help. Topologic for Grasshopper is also available at Food4Rhino. If all else fails, please contact us at and we will send you the software.

The best method to download Topologic for Dynamo is to use its own Package Manager.
The best method to download Topologic for Grasshopper is to either use its own Package Manager or to download from food4Rhino

All Versions

Topologic for Sverchok/Blender (Linux, MacOS, Windows)

Topologic Python Module

Topologic for Dynamo (Best to download from Dynamo's own Package Manager)

Topologic for Grasshopper (Best to download from food4Rhino)

Topologic for .NET

Topologic for BHoM

Previous Versions

Topologic for Dynamo

Topologic for Grasshopper

Topologic for .NET

Topologic for BHoM


Source code available at: