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I need help to build Topologic from those who did it ?  

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02/07/2020 4:42 pm  

Dear Friends

I need help to build Topologic, from some one who built it. I am using OCC 7.4.0 and Visual studio 2017, and using the msvc.bat file for doing this. I am using the msvc.bat file from open cascade, CSharp folder of Samples.



And my msvc_Topo.bat file is


@echo off

Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

rem Setup environment
call "%~dp0env.bat" %1 %2 %3

rem Define path to project file
set "PRJFILE=%~dp0\Topologic.sln"

rem Launch Visual Studio - either professional (devenv) or Express, as available
if exist "%DevEnvDir%\devenv.exe" (
start "" "%DevEnvDir%\devenv.exe" "%PRJFILE%"
) else if exist "%DevEnvDir%\%VisualStudioExpressName%.exe" (
start "" "%DevEnvDir%\%VisualStudioExpressName%.exe" "%PRJFILE%"
) else (
echo Error: Could not find MS Visual Studio ^(%VCVER%^)
echo Check relevant environment variable ^(e.g. VS100COMNTOOLS for vc10^)



Here I am passing Topologic.sln file for the project file. And I modified Topologic.sln file with notepad, and passing the correct folders path of respective vcxproj files. And finally running the command.

1. env.bat

2. msvc_Topo.bat vc141 win64 Release

But it is failing and giving errors. It is simply not building any projects, it seems a lot of mismatch with dependencies and sequences.

If anyone has done it already please help me how can I do it? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.